10 Best Action Camcorders Philippines 2018

Action Camcorders are compact, rugged video cameras that can be used in places where conventional recorders can't.

An action camcorder is also referred to as action cams or action cameras. One of the most common sports experiences where action cams has become very popular is sky diving. The cameras are much tougher than conventional cameras and features a shockproof thick exterior that can protect it from water entry, and several even is capable to work underwater.

The action cam also comes with a wider field of view that enables you capture a larger area in one view. Because of having designed with higher framerates, the camera recording can be slowed down to emphasize certain sections of the videos.

Why should you buy an Action Cam?

Image quality is a major problem for most people especially with low resolution and low framerate cameras. Action Cams does clearly solve the problem by giving you clear images even when climbing a snowy canyon or shooting in dynamic conditions where low sharpness and color accuracy is common.

Another common problem when capturing photos or videos is lighting conditions. Low lighting conditions tend to produce blurred images and recordings. With the use of Action Cams, it won’t be a problem, since the camera allows you to get clearer images even in dim conditions. Therefore even when using it indoor, you are guaranteed of sharper and clearer images than what conventional cameras can provide.

Without action cams, problems of image graininess and noise, poor sound quality and lower drop impact will be your worst friend. Using conventional cameras for instance, you won’t enjoy much and miss a lot such as all the great features of advanced water resistance common with an action camcorder.

Here are basically just some of the benefits to enjoy when acquiring an action camcorder:
a) Get access to great video qualities in different light conditions
b) Clearer and accurate recording of sound
c) Easy to use and you don’t have to walk along with the instruction manual to keep operate it
d) The product is long lasting and can usually survive more than 20 drops from a 3 feet height
e) Gives you the convenience to shoot still images while maintaining a very high quality result

Action camcorders are tested and proved to be durable. The cameras can be easily mounted on handlebars, helmets, kayaks and cars allowing you to freely move with it wherever you go. It features wide angle lenses that enables you to capture all the action in one shot. The highest of recording qualities you get with the camera is one big enough reason you should buy an action camcorder. It is a reliable and well-made device of premium features.

The best of action camcorders goes for about Php16,000. Other products over the price range but with much better functionalities usually go for about Php20,000. You can also get cheaper alternatives at Php7,000 only.

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