10 Best Belt Sanders Philippines 2018

A belt sander is a tool used in the shaping or smoothing of wood or other material, similar to the traditional sandpaper.

A belt sander tool uses a mounted strip of sandpaper which runs in a continuous loop. Belt sanders can either be handheld or stationary. The models vary greatly in size, from simple handheld devices to large industrial sanders.

The smaller versions are perfect for simple in-house projects like removing varnish from a hardwood floor, prepping deck boards for staining, and much more. The largely-sized sanders are mainly used by carpenters, floor installers, deck builders, and many other professionals who handle a large bulk of wood.

Why should you buy a belt sander?

The traditional sandpaper is very cumbersome to use and that is why belt sanders are gaining much popularity. A belt sander perfectly shapes and evenly finishes your wood projects. The machine is equipped with high speed (13000 orbits per minute) and reliable strength that allows for fast and agile removal of wood. The machine can be easily handled for perfect rounding and shaping of narrow edges commonly found in small stock pieces.

The tool saves you a lot of time which gives you the extra time to complete other projects. You can polish your project immediately after you finish sanding by simply attaching a polishing pad that matches the size of the sanding pad. Unlike the use of traditional sandpapers, a belt sander can give you consistent results.

Benefits of owning a belt sander:

• A belt sander makes it easier for you to reach the tight corners for a perfect finish.
• It is efficient and delivers smooth linear results.
• Convenient and easy-to-use also in producing a detailed work.
• Cheap compared to hiring an industrial worker to do small tasks.
• Can be used indoors when attached to a vacuum cleaner to reduce mess. Some models are engineered for minimal vibration and noise.
• Can be used by both skilled and unskilled individuals.
• Can be used for window frames.
• Needs lesser effort compared to sanding by hand.

Get yours now to get the best deals and discounts. Belt sanders are discounted heavily at this point in time because of the newer models that are coming up. Stop pushing that project you really wanted to do into another day but instead get started today with the help of your very own belt sander.

The price range of belt sanders depends on the size and features it carry. This makes belt sanders vary greatly in price where you can get one for as low as Php1,500 and another for as much as Php15,000.

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