10 Best Bluetooth Car Kit Philippines 2018

A Bluetooth Car Kit is a device the allows you to wirelessly stream or process data, typically in the form of audio, to and from your mobile device or a car stereo equipped with a Bluetooth feature.

You will not only be safer on the highway driving while searching for your favorite jam but you can also listen to hours and hours of your favorite music with up to 10 hours of battery life to keep you on the go.

With most songs today being purchased through music download mediums such as iTunes, owning a Bluetooth device for your car becomes quite a necessity as a music lover, especially with the driving concerns, it allows you to create wireless presets and ease-of-access for your song tracks.

Why should you buy a Bluetooth Car Kit?

Bluetooth car kits work effectively with smartphones. It allows you to take phone calls without having to reach for your phone or handle another device. These simple actions have actually proven to possibly cause dangerous scenarios on the road. In fact, many of the newer vehicles you see around have arrived factory installed with Bluetooth capabilities because driving safety is now of utmost importance considering that a lot of people are used to searching songs while on the wheel.

The sound quality of your calls can also be enhanced with the Bluetooth device. Not only is it beneficial to the quality of your music but also to the clarity of your phone calls which will become noticeably clearer! If you have an iPhone, you can easily have Siri assist you when answering phone calls. All you need to do is use your phone’s built-in microphone and voice recognition to help you answer calls with the device.

Wireless streaming on some Bluetooth devices can be accessible up to 30 feet away from the vehicle.
Bluetooth car kits are not only limited to Apple products but nearly every smartphone and MP3 player on the market today.

Many Bluetooth car kits have a battery life of up to 10 hours of air time. Several Bluetooth car kits can even allow multiple users to pair with the same device simultaneously. So whether you’re on a long road trip or just driving across town, you can now easily listen to your favorites or quickly answer phone calls on the go.

Why wait to buy the small and affordable device when you should be enjoying your favorite music comfortably on the road?

Some Bluetooth car kits start out at Php500 while others, especially those with dual usb ports included, can be purchased at only Php1,500. Whatever your price range, almost nothing can replace enjoying your favorite music or safely answering your phone calls while behind the wheel.

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