10 Best Bookshelf Speakers Philippines 2018

A bookshelf speaker is a type of audio device that is usually small in size, or as the name suggests, compact enough to fit in a bookshelf.

A bookshelf speaker was designed as an opposite to large tower speakers or speaker enclosures that were popular back in the 1960s. The principal purpose of bookshelf speakers is to fit all the benefits of a large speaker (such as sound detail, quality, and low distortion) into a compact speaker that can be easily moved around and placed in smaller spaces. Besides being sold separately, bookshelf speakers often come together with home theaters and audio systems.

Why should you buy bookshelf speakers?

Bookshelf speakers are much smaller than regular floor-standing speakers, allowing you to enjoy speakers of high quality sound in spaces where it otherwise wouldn’t be possible. There are more benefits besides the size. Bookshelf speakers are almost indispensable when it comes to integration with your preferred sound system. Whether using with your TV set to watch movies, play video games, or listen to music, the addition of front facing stereo bookshelf speakers will dramatically increase your entire surround sound experience. Bookshelf speakers are usually sought to improve sound quality of special effects and sound tracks.

Bookshelf speakers also come with economical benefits. Due to the compact size, bookshelf speakers are usually cheaper than the larger floor-standing options, with lower shipping costs, as you buy them online. How about the quality in comparison? Floor-standing speakers may be generally superior to bookshelf size speakers when talking about high-end sound systems, a combination of bookshelf speakers with a good subwoofer will place at the upper hand while costing approximately the same. How would it be possible? Simply because of the latitude where bookshelf speakers are positioned, allowing you to easily place them in a way you prefer and in a way they can function at their best.

Because of technological advancements in sound quality during the recent years, bookshelf speakers of today are better than ever before. They tend to be an increasingly popular choice when compared to the larger floor-standing speakers. If you wish to have top-notch sound quality with simply a compact speaker, right now is the best time to look into bookshelf speakers. They are absolutely crucial in completing the sound system of your dreams.

The cheapest bookshelf speakers range from Php2,500 to Php10,000 depending on performance, while you may have to spend up to Php50,000 for some really high quality units. However, there are really some high-end models that can cost as high as hundred of thousands, offering absolute versatility and exceptional sound quality, even for the most scrupulous audiophile.

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