10 Best Camera Drones Philippines 2018

A camera drone is a small aerial device that is used specifically for the purpose of taking aerial photographs or videos.

A camera drone is as small as a football which can be controlled by onboard computers or a remote control.

Most camera drones come with controllers. A controller may be in the form of a gadget that looks like a gamepad controller, a smartphone, or a tablet. Communication between the camera drone and the pilot is made possible through an inbuilt Wi-Fi hotspot.

The camera drone can cover long distances but has limited radius with regards to the distance between the controller and the camera drone.

Primarily, a camera drone is a drone in itself. Some come with in-built cameras whilst others have detachable cameras. With the latter, you’ll have the option to change cameras especially if you prefer to have higher quality pictures taken on particular settings.

Camera drones are very light, which facilitates smooth navigation and movement. They are installed with sensors that further improve navigation and provide an efficient interface between the pilot and the device. Camera drones run on lithium ion battery powered electric motors. The period in which a camera drone can stay in the air depends on battery size and power requirements. It is a neat and revolutionary device.

Why should you buy a camera drone?

A camera drone is suitable for a number of photography needs. It enables you to take great aerial photographs of open spaces. You need not to climb high places to take such photographs. Professional photographers have benefited a lot from these devices.

Camera drones have also aided land surveyors and construction workers when examining land. It allows you to be able to get a view of the land from different angles, improving the data acquired. Finally, camera drones can take photographs of places that are not possibly accessible by land. A good example is a swamp or land covered with thick bushes. However, it is worth noting that camera drones are not allowed in all air spaces due to government restrictions. When using, it has to be legal to fly the drone and take pictures in the area, in order to avoid breaking the law.

The device comes with significant benefits, such as improving photography, aiding in monitoring large farms, surveillance of crowded places by law enforcement officials, aiding in filming and journalism, assisting in getting clear footage of sites where accidents or disasters have occurred, geographic mapping, among others.

The camera drone can also play a crucial role in accessing places that pose a threat to people and are difficult to enter. With this in mind, it is important for organizations and individuals to get the device as soon as possible. It will assist greatly in monitoring and controlling of impending dangers which can help reduce possible damage that comes about as a result of disasters or accidents.

Camera drones can also help people know where people are stuck and how to get to them by identifying the best route with the least danger.

Standard quality camera drones range between Php15,000 and Php30,000 while advanced camera drones are priced over Php45,000.

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