10 Best Cordless Phones Philippines 2018

A cordless telephone or portable telephone is just like a normal telephone except for the fact that it doesn't have any cord. It is basically a combination telephone with two major parts i.e. handset and base.

A cordless phone is a radio transmitter/receiver. The base of the phone is attached to the phone jack with a standard phone wire. The base of the phone receives incoming calls in the form of electric signals coming through the signal line. It converts the signals into radio signals in order to broadcast the signals.

The handset receives the radio signal through its base and changes the radio signals into electric signals. These electrical signals are further sent to the speaker where they are changed into sound the user can hear.

When you speak in the handset, your voice will be broadcasted again to the base by another radio signal. Your voice signal will be converted back into electric signal and further transferred to the other party through a phone line.

With a cordless phone, you can freely move in your work, house, or yard while talking on the phone. The freedom of cordless phone is just amazing. It could allow the user to keep in touch with people around them much easier than traditional phones. No more missed calls and missed opportunities?!

Why should you buy a cordless phone?

Here are some benefits when buying a cordless phone:

1. One of the obvious and well-known benefit is that they are a convenient method of communication. It is easy to move and you can move it easily from one room to another while having conversations. It saves precious time and help improve productivity.

2. It offers a more convenient method to communicate within an organization. You can set it up inside a conference and share information with several employees at the same time in different places.

3. It can be used to enhance security system. In case you need to warn everybody regarding dangerous situations, you can do it easily with the help of cordless phones.

4. You can keep a closer eye on your kids too with the help of cordless phones.

With all the incredible benefits, you certainly should get yourself a cordless phone. You will eventually start to find out all what you’be been missing. Nowadays, a cordless phone also offers various feautures like number memory, caller ID, rapid dialing, and much more.

There are lots of cordless phones available in the market. You can find several selection from the most cheapest to the most expensive cordless phones.

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