10 Best Digital Cameras (Point & Shoot) Philippines 2018

Digital cameras can store and record images in digital form maintaining the naturally photographic appeal.

Digital cameras uses photosensor to capture photos using a technology known as charged couple device. The images that are stored in the camera can be easily transferred to a computer at an instant and can also be uploaded to a printer as per your needs.

A digital camera does not require any film to store images. The images are normally stored in an external hard drive or photographic compact drive. Today, new digital camera models can also capture audios and videos in addition to images.

Point and shoot cameras which are often known as compact cameras is a still camera purposely designed for easy and simple use. The camera either uses lenses that are focus free or in-built automatic autofocus system for setting different options like exposure. A point and shoot camera also consists of in-built flash units.

Why should you buy a Point and Shoot Digital Camera?

Preferably a point and shoot camera can be very interesting with regards to the following reasons:

Weight and Size: Point and shoot cameras are portable, has less weight with slim and light in design. You won’t even know that you have a camera while it is in your pocket. It is very handy you can comfortably bring when going to a party, or while travelling – just in every kind of situation. Most of the super zoom models can be bulky compared to point and shoot cameras.

Less Noise: Digital cameras like point and shoot camera can be noiseless nowadays. You won’t even know that you clicked for a picture as you use the camera.

Automatic Approach: Point and shoot image quality differs significantly depending on how you use it. However, the camera has several options you can enjoy like shooting images automatically and still able to achieve excellent results.

Cost: Point and shoot cameras are in general very cheap. There are some which are higher in price but rather than getting a cheap DSLR, it better to invest on a point and shoot camera.

LCD Display: Many digital camera nowadays come with the ability to display captured images using LCDs. Some digital cameras also have a screen flip-out feature which allows the user to take images from different angles.

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