10 Best Game Capture Devices Philippines 2018

Video game capture device helps gamers capture their game footage, enabling them to share it, create a library, use for a YouTube channel, among many other things.

Game capture devices help preserve your precious gaming moments. As a gamer who loves to watch your victories and would like to share them, you should definitely buy a video game capture device. It will allow you to relive moments with as much thrill as the first one, with great quality videos. In fact, using video capture devices has so many advantages compared to inbuilt recorders.

Why should you buy a game capture device?

Let us consider the following:

Video buffer time limit. While built-in recorders give a limited time for video recording, the max being 15 minutes for PS4 and 5 minutes for X box, video game capture device allows more time. In some brands, space rather than time is the determining factor.

Video quality. While built-in recorders record videos of low quality that are neither clear or desirable, a video game capture device gives you the freedom to adjust the resolution, set custom frame rate, and raise or lower the video bit rate. It will help you ensure that the video is of good quality.

Better editing. Most built-in recorders give limited options for editing. It will only give you the basics such as clipping. However, game capture devices can give you various amount of tools and features, especially with a top device, providing you robust editing software that allows you to edit your recordings at best.

Better PC performance. Game capture device reduces the load on CPUs as they have the ability to process and compress video files easing the workload of your CPU. This allows you to keep more resources for your gaming needs.

If you consider yourself a gamer but still don’t own a video game capture device, you are missing out on a lot. The more you stay without owning the device, the more you deny your epic gaming moments the chance to be seen by the world. You should show the world your great skills. Don’t keep it all to yourself. The game could be a trend today so don’t wait till tomorrow to get one.

Game capture devices differ in prices depending on the brand. Some are around Php3,500 while others can go for Php10,000.

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