10 Best Gamepads Philippines 2018

Gamepads are handheld game controllers connected to console gaming systems or computers.

Gamepads was first invented by Nintendo during the year 1985 which had brought new life into the gaming world. It has been later adapted and redesigned by many different companies and is now a major market for gaming accessories.

A gamepad is a gaming controller of unique design accompanied usually by two mini joysticks and a number of buttons that has each of its own respective purpose depending on the game you play. It can be used with a variety of genres of games. The gamepad is a reinvention that has brought new revolution to gaming comfort. Gamepads are designed to either work with computers or gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.

Why should you buy gamepads

Gamepads have now become a huge part of the gaming family considering its incomparable purpose. Merely thinking of playing games without gamepads can be as bad as a nightmare. It has renovated our gaming lives making it far much comfortable compared to not having them. With its vast benefits, you can say that it is a necessary gaming accessory.

A gamepad can be used conveniently unlike your regular keyboard and mouse where proper base for their placement is a must. In fact, with present developments on gamepads, you can now use it at a farther distance since some gamepads no longer have wires in order to be connected with the consoles. People have always argued that constant gaming with the use of a computer mouse can be harmful to your hand but that won’t be necessary anymore. With the help of gamepads, you can actually improve hand reflex and finger movements.

Gamepads has brought new experience to PC gaming too. That’s right. PC-only gamepads have also been introduced bringing a whole new dimension of fun along with it. We all have faced gaming problems with the use of a keyboard and mouse. Gaming keyboards have vast amount of keys which just have been an unnecessary hindrance. Using a keyboard and mouse, you have to coordinate both your hands differently where one works on the keyboard while the other works on the mouse. Thanks to the PC-only gamepads, the problem is solved. We can now enjoy all the same comfort console users experience and able to play our favorite games conveniently.

Gamepads range from as little as Php850 up to Php12,500. It’s a very reasonable price to afford. If you have been planning to buy a gamepad, wait no more and game on!

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