10 Best Guitar Tuners Philippines 2018

A guitar tuner is an electronic device that enables the user to automatically tune the strings of a guitar to whatever key they choose. With each strum, the tuner senses the frequencies and vibrations which will tell the user how close they are to each key.

Guitar tuners come in different ranges and styles, from Clip-on tuners for acoustic guitars to a “Stomp Box” style which can plug into an electric guitar and amplifier.

A guitar tuner can solve a multitude of problems. For example, it is very useful for live performances when the guitarist has to tune up or down to a different key between songs. By using an electronic tuner, the guitarist can tune quickly and quietly without the audience hearing a single note. By not using or having a tuner, one would have to rely on their ear to hopefully tune to a key. This can be made incredibly difficult in a live situation as it would be hard to hear the notes clearly, which could lead to an incorrect tuning.

Why should you buy a guitar tuner?

By using a guitar tuner, the task of tuning to a correct musical key is made significantly easier as the tuner is able to give an exact reading. The user will be able to tune up or down quickly and get on with their performance or practice. This is a huge benefit to the user.

It is also important to choose the right type of tuner that suits your style, to gain the maximum benefit for your practice time or your performance.

For a working musician, or a practicing student, it is vital to use a guitar tuner. Not only does it cut down tuning times and minimize the chances of tuning to a wrong key, it also helps to train your ear to know the exact sound of a key due to the accuracy of the tuner. It’s an important aspect of the guitar that one should not do without.

Due to wide range and styles of guitar tuners, prices can vary, but the general range is usually between Php500 – Php2000 for clip on guitar tuners and Php1500 – Php10,000 for higher end stomp box styled and electronic tuners.

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