10 Best iPhone Screen Protector Philippines 2018

An iPhone screen protector is a plastic or tempered glass cover that protects the screen of your iPhone.

There are a wide variety of features that a screen protector can offer. Depending on your needs, manufacturers currently offer anti-glare, anti-microbial, anti-shatter, and even privacy screen protectors. They come in a wide variety of sizes to perfectly fit any model of iPhone you currently own. Installing the screen protector on any phone is an easy process that will only take a few minutes.

Why should you buy an iPhone screen protector?

A screen protector will protect your screen from scratches by providing a barrier against dust and other particles. It will also protect your screen from shattering if you drop your phone. The anti-glare feature on some screen protectors will cause less eye strain as you use your phone. If your phone doesn’t currently have a screen protector it is more susceptible to shattering when dropped.

There are many benefits a screen protector will offer. Besides having the screen protector safeguard your screen phone when dropped and kept protected from shattering, you won’t also need to worry about bacterial growth on your phone screen. A lot of screen protectors now use antimicrobial inhibiting materials.

Privacy is a big concern to a lot of people. There are currently some screen protectors that will only allow the user of the phone to clearly see what’s on the screen on close direct viewing. If you are having a private conversation with your spouse, you may not want everyone be able to take a glance of the text messages you are typing. You will want to keep in mind what is important to you when deciding which screen protector to buy.

If having your phone available to you all the time is important, then you should own a screen protector. Having to go out and buy a new phone is expensive when your phone becomes damaged. If you are lucky enough to have phone insurance, it still may take a few days for you to get a new phone. Why wait? A small investment today could save you from having to wait on a new phone getting delivered.

You can find a basic iPhone screen protector from Php250.00 to Php500.00. They are also available online. If you’re looking for the best protection that you can get, you may be interested in looking at military grade models. These screen protectors offer the best protection against shattering and screen scratches. Most of these are also made with anti-glare and antimicrobial materials. Expect to pay around Php2,500.00 for those models.

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