10 Best Pedometers Philippines 2018

A pedometer is an electronic or electromechanical device that counts every foot step an individual makes.

A pedometer has a design capable to either detect motions of a person’s hands or hips in order to count the user’s steps. The device allows user calibration when needed to determine total distance covered in miles or kilometres. The development in technology has led to innovations in pedometers which are now mostly digital, using software to detect variations in an individual’s steps. The distance covered can now be measured by a GPS receiver.

Why should you buy a pedometer?

Helps alleviate laziness. If you always find yourself using an elevator instead of the staircase when not in much of a hurry, chances are you are lazy. A pedometer is the best way to keep this in check. When you leave the house determined to meet a given number of steps, it encourages you and keeps you more motivated toward achieving the goal.

Assist in managing weight loss. When you are overweight or simply want to lose weight, it will always be necessary to exercise or increase mobility to burn out excess fats. This requires a lot of discipline. With a pedometer, you can regularly cover the distance recommended by your health expert. It will be a useful tool to bring along when monitoring weight and keeping a fit body physique. Pedometer provides one of the surest ways to reduce weight as it keeps you obliged to achieve the number of recommended steps every day. Besides, the process will also improve your blood circulation. Just keep active to make it more possible in getting that unique and admirable body physique.

Help boost your motivation in improving your lifestyle. A pedometer will make it easy for you to check and go after your fitness goals. Health experts recommend that you should cover 10,000 steps in a single day which translates to approximately four miles. This will improve your energy levels, prevent unhealthy weight increase, and most importantly keep you away from lifestyle-related diseases.

Provides numeric data that you can depend on when making vital health decisions. When used correctly, usually on the waist or hand (depending on the design of the product), pedometers can give you a more accurate data. Compared to other methods of monitoring the distance you cover, a real pedometer device is second to none. It will measure impulses as you make every move. This makes it almost impossible to miss a move. In such manner, you can determine whether you are making the number of steps recommended by your health expert.

Enhances accountability to self. There is no better way to improve your compliance in achieving goals you’ve set than having a pedometer. It makes you feel guilty if you did not achieve each objectives.

Convenient to use. A pedometer is actually not bulky. It is light and comfortable to walk around with. You are assured it will not compromise your comfort.

An affordable health device. A pedometer’s immense benefit to your health can be worth more than the price. It’s a quality product with a reasonable price with benefits that can be mind-boggling. Buying a pedometer will get you to a wide variety of price options depending on the product you would like to buy. However, the price range is usually Php850 to Php10,000.

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