10 Best Portable Speakers Philippines 2018

Portable speakers are wireless loudspeakers that use radio frequency waves (FR) as the audio input. The speakers can be carried conveniently when needed.

Portable speakers offer freedom of movement without you necessarily having to drag long cables when using the device. The speakers usually operate on rechargeable systems but there are some units powered with non-rechargeable batteries. It can be carried almost anywhere for convenience of use.

Why should you buy a portable speaker?

While travelling, you’ll enjoy the advantage of moving around with a small bag of things since cables won’t be needed. With portable speakers, you can have it connect to other devices such as your phone and computer using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The wireless option also saves on the hassle of laying out cables in your house or having unpleasant cables interlocking all over. Getting yourself portable speakers will certainly save you the headache of packing lots of wires.

Some other benefits of using portable speakers include:

· Consumption of less power resulting in a cost of power decrease.

· Easy to use since no installation of cables is required. It can be utilized by any user for no prior knowledge is required.

· Better sound quality produced compared to laptop or phone use only.

· Light in weight making it very easy to carry from one place to another.

· It can help you reach a bigger audience such as a group of friends on picnic or social gathering unlike with the use of a pair of headphones.

Having mentioned the benefits of having portable speakers, you should get yourself one and be able to enjoy the special moments spent with friends or family. Share the memorable audio piece with people you care. Either to enjoy a friends birthday party at a beach or to give a friend a special gift, what more can be exciting than these portable pieces.

As for parents, portable speakers could be the chance to reconnect with your teenage child by wrapping the piece as a gift! Teenagers will love it!

Price ranges vary depending on many factors like the type of battery used, unit size, and whether the unit is Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capable. For a portable speaker with Bluetooth and re-chargeable battery, the price ranges from Php5,000 to Php6,500.

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