10 Best Professional DSLR Cameras Philippines 2018

Professional DSLR cameras embody top performance and precision. The term DSLR is an abbreviation which stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. The reflex design serves as the major difference between a DSLR camera and other digital cameras.

Professional DSLRs may be more complicated and expensive but it allows you to capture the highest of quality images even in very diverse situations. You’ll enjoy a great range of controls, a large selection of lenses, and top quality sensors.

Why should you buy a professional DSLR Camera?

1. Ability to change into more lenses
It is one of the best advantages of professional DSLR cameras. The lens of a camera contributes a lot to the quality of the image captured especially in terms of contrast, clarity, and color. With a professional DSLR camera, you can have more lens options for different situations. Also, in case your photography needs would change over the years, it won’t be very necessary to completely change your camera.

2. Quality and Response
Besides the ability to interchange lenses, professional DSLRs bring a great advantage over digital cameras. It has much larger imaging sensors hence more clearer photos. The size of the image sensor is directly proportional to the image quality. In addition, there is no compact camera that can match the response speed of a professional DSLR camera. The response speed of cameras is measured in Frames Per Second (fps) where DSLRs usually capture up to 4fps. This means it can easily capture moving objects.

3. Versatility
The camera can also be modified in many other ways beyond its lens. You can upgrade the battery with long lasting battery packs. You can also attach fit filters at the end of the lens. This will affect the photo contrast and colors. With a professional DSLR camera, you have limitless options.

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