10 Best Smartwatches Philippines 2018

Smartwatches are wearable smart devices built with features more than time keeping.

Smartwatches are offered by many of the leading laptop, smartphone, and tablet brands. Apple and Samsung started the wearable trend, and many have come to join the revolution. Now, even companies that haven’t been into offering technological devices are trying to enter the market. Smartwatches are, in the simplest terms, watches that can connect to your mobile device, giving them the ability to do more than just telling the time. They notify you of updates, emails, and messages, through a Bluetooth connection.

Why should you buy a smartwatch?

People today easily feel the need to constantly be connected. Entrepreneurs, corporate employees, and even a student don’t find it simple to miss an important email or message. Having not always looking at your phone screen, while the phone is switched to silent mode, you might miss an important call. This is the main problem addressed by smartwatches. Banking on the idea that watches are easy to notice and always brought by an individual, manufacturers came up with an answer to the connectivity gap. Even while busy at the gym, anyone wearing a smartwatch can check the wearable device to see any notification waiting for them. They can also send messages through the device, or send out updates themselves. The wearable tech may also be waterproof for up to 50M, depending on the manufacturer.

Many of today’s gadgets can be paired with a smartwatch but usually must be from the same manufacturer. This makes it easy for an individual to sync their accounts, assuring that they do not miss any news while on the go. No matter how active they are, their smartwatch is there to keep them connected. Smartwatches also have the added benefit as a fitness tracker, giving you information about your heart rate, steps, and sleep rate.

Being a technological software-run device, smartwatches are also being updated. You may think it’s wise to wait for an updated version, purchasing now is a better choice if you already have the money for the latest on the market. Software updates can still reach your device, besides allowing you to start benefiting from the smartwatch earlier than your friends. Furthermore, waiting for a new release means paying for a more expensive product because of the increasing demand.

Smartwatches vary in price depending on the manufacturer. Some retails for Php15,000.00, while cheaper options can be as low as Php5,000.00. The price range can be pretty flexible, but if you want a decent device that won’t give you much of a headache especially in terms of connectivity and software support, be ready to shell out anywhere from Php10,000.00 to Php20,000.00.

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