10 Best Solar Phone Chargers Philippines 2018

Solar phone chargers are devices used to recharge with solar energy the battery of mobile phones. The energy keeps the phone running allowing the user to make use of various phone features available.

Solar phone chargers make use of solar panels to harness solar energy and convert it into electrical energy that can be used to recharge a phone. Both solar and standard electrical chargers must use electricity to recharge phones. The difference between them lies on how they source the electricity. Standard electrical chargers make use of electrical outlets such as sockets.

Why should you buy a solar phone charger?


Solar phone chargers don’t require you to have special skills to operate. You only need to expose the panels to sunlight and plug into your phone to start recharging.

Highly portable

The device is designed to be a small and easy to carry solar panel. It effectively works in both urban and outdoor settings making them convenient for use.

Usually comes with two modes

Many of them come with two modes of recharging. You can make use of electrical outlets in the absence of sunlight while solar mode during a sunny day.

Power blackouts and outages

The biggest drawback with standard electrical chargers would probably be the onset of power blackouts because they rely on electrical outlets for recharging a phone. In the event that an electrical connection is interrupted, they will not work. This means they are also susceptible to power surges.

Solar phone chargers depend on solar energy which is unaffected by blackouts for it can be sourced from the sun’s rays.

Handy in the absence of an electrical outlet

Users not in the comfort of their home will find it difficult to find a charging outlet especially if a public charging outlet is not provided. The problem is further amplified in events of an emergency when you need to fully make use of your phone but doesn’t have enough battery charge.

Solar phone chargers are portable and all you need is access to sunlight. You can readily have it in the streets, or by a window in a building, or outdoors.

Outdoor activities

One of the greatest challenge with outdoor activities, recreation, or work (e.g. field work, construction, and mineral exploration) in remote areas is keeping your handset long enough in order to continuously be connected in communication with your loved ones or workmates. Without any electrical outlets in sight, solar phone chargers will be much appreciated considering their capability to harness the sun’s energy.

Renewable energy

It will help solve the problem of climate change for it only uses clean energy. Solar phone chargers don’t have any emissions making them eco-friendly.

Saves money

With the price of electricity consumption rising, consumers will find it a challenge to pay higher fees for their electrical bills. Solar energy offers the opportunity to lessen the problem by sourcing from the freely available sun rays.

Solar phone chargers are much favorable for it can free you from having to rely on the sometimes unreliable electrical recharging sources. It makes it easier to handle emergency situations when you have no access to any electrical outlet. Owning one will certainly keep your handset recharging costs at far cheaper rates which would accumulate in the long run.

You should get to experience the benefits of solar energy. A solar phone charger can be availed for as little as Php1,500 to Php5,000.

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