10 Best Sports Earphones / Earbuds Philippines 2018

Sports Earphones are earbuds specially designed for intensive activities like active sports and workouts.

Sports earphones are in-ear style earbuds that are more shock and sweat resistant than traditional earphones. Or should we say, most regular earphones aren’t usually able to take high impact shocks, nor are sweat resistant.

Depending on the type of sport activity you participate, a lot of physical activity may be involved. This could actually create added stress on earphones. Performing intense physical activities make your body produce varying degrees of sweat and moisture; which could potentially damage the wiring located inside your earphones. Therefore, using earphones specifically designed for sport activities decreases the odds of destroying a nice pair of earphones.

Sports earphones are usually built in a way that it won’t easily fall off when running or performing your exercises unlike regular earphones. Most are lightweight to ensure you convenience, not to interfere in your workout sessions or activities. It’s highly recommended by athletes to individuals who love working out while listening to music.

Studies have shown that listening to music while doing an exercise would greatly enhance your workout experience. People who listen to music were reported to be more focused and able to workout for longer periods of time. Increasing the time you spend doing an exercise would certainly provide you better results on health and wellness.

Why should you buy sports earphones?

You’ll surely enjoy much benefits when using an sports earphone. Beyond awesome features and design, sports earphones can also provide better sound quality than traditional earphones. Many sports earphones use a special material to create a tight seal around your ears as you place them. The tight seal locks in the audio to provide you high quality sound.

Using sports earphones could help you boost your exercise or workout activities. Enjoying the music will most likely help you go the extra mile, or add more reps to your standard workout sessions.

By continuing the use of traditional earphones when doing an exercise or engaging in active sports, you risk damaging both your ears and your earphones. Traditional earphones can be harmful to your ears due to lack of cushioning and support during an impact. Along with the lack of cushioning, moisture from your body can enter your earphones and cause damage. Replacing expensive pairs of earphones every time it gets damaged can be very costly. Investing in a decent pair of sports earphones is more economical, and safer for your ears over time.

Initially, sports earphones were very expensive. As technology made it more available, sports earphones have now dropped in price. Prices range anywhere from about Php1,000 up to about Php12,500. Not all earphones are created equal. You should get what you paid for.

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