10 Best Stereo Headphones Philippines 2018

Stereo headphones are audio devices built with small but high-fidelity speakers driven in two audio channels playing distinct sounds.

Stereo headphones have bigger sound drivers that allows it to produce full spectrum of sound. They are specially better than earphones at producing low frequency sounds i.e bass. Apart from producing better quality sound, headphones are a lot more comfortable and more suitable for use with extended periods of time.

Stereo headphones play sounds separately for the right and left speakers. In comparison to mono headphones that play a single sound on both left and right speakers, stereo headphones can both play similar while can also play differently from each speaker to an extent. Stereo headphones make it possible to make you feel and hear natural sound like you would in real life. You can easily identify how sounds are coming from different directions. For instance, the sound of a car moving from left to right, you’ll experience sound moving from the left speaker to the right speaker. This is something you can’t enjoy using mono headphones. Stereo headphones create a surround sound effect not possible with mono headphones.

Most of the music we listen today is recorded in stereo format. This would also mean that most films, video games, etc are produced with distinct channels in mind. If you don’t own a stereo headphone you won’t be able to listen to music the way it has been creatively designed. You will be missing out on sound elements the creator would like you to hear.

In comparison to regular earphones, the drawback with earphones is how they cannot be used with any serious audio equipment. Earphones are fine for smartphones but if you will be working with audio systems or computer, you should consider buying a stereo headphone for they are designed to work with high power audio output.

The first headphones has been quite popular back in 70s but lost popularity by late 80s. Today, the popularity of headphones has relived because of innovations that resulted to the creation of high fidelity sound capable headphones. It aims to solve concerns of avid music lovers and sound professionals. Sounds usually produced in regular speakers aren’t as vivid as expected. Sometimes, small sounds get lost in loud sounds. Loud speakers can sometimes only result to distortions and may only be regarded as noise pollution. Therefore, it would not result to a rich high quality listening experiencing. You will be needing a stereo headphone. Having the sound source right next to your ears, you’ll have a personalized distortion-free listening experience.

Why should you buy a stereo headphone?

Once you’ve experienced the difference provided by stereo headphones, you won’t think of getting back. You will notice certain sounds in songs that you never heard using your earphones, especially if these were just shipped free with your phone.

The sooner you switch over to headphones, the better you can protect your ears. Most of the earphones being sold today are in-ear style sitting inside your ear canal. Regular use of earphones can actually pose a health risk because they can damage the fine hair normally present in the ear. It is one of the reasons why most commercial jobs where people are required to listen for long periods of time – such as air traffic controller, studio, radio jockeys, telemarketers etc. – use headphones instead of earphones.

Furthermore, a bad pair of cheap headphones can also be damaging to ears’ health. It can cause deafness, eardrum damage, or ear injuries with prolonged use. In comparison, good stereo headphones are more comfortable to use and protective against potential long usage problems while providing you awesome listening experience.

Purchasing stereo headphones will definitely offer better value for money knowing that most audio today are produced in stereophonic form. Headphones come in different price brackets depending on the sound quality and headphone type. Open cup headphones are fairly inexpensive, you can get a decent one under Php3,500. Closed cup headphones are comparatively pricier as they have advanced features like active noise cancellation and power amplification. The price for high-end audiophile quality closed cup headphones can go as high as Php25,000. If you take a good look at the headphone market, you’ll certainly find something that’s perfect for your budget.

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