10 Best Tablets Philippines 2018

A tablet computer, commonly referred to as 'tablet' or 'tab' is a mobile device that looks like any other smartphone with the major difference being its size.

The concept of a tablet and many of its features and uses are largely similar to those when compared to a smartphone, including: touchscreen display, power battery, a virtual keyboard, and a mobile operating system. Whereas a smartphone’s screen size ranges only between 3-6 inches, the screen of a tab measures between 7-12 inches. Another superior feature of a tab over a smartphone is the battery size which makes the tab last longer in terms of charge unlike the smartphone.

Why should you buy a tablet?

A tab may not bring with it a peculiar concept that a smartphone provides, but it will definitely solve a number of issues that a smartphone is currently not able to address. Both gadgets have similar uses but a tab will help in solving the following:

i. Display issues currently experienced by smartphone users who have difficulties due to the size of their smartphone screens. It will give readers, or movie and gaming enthusiasts a better experience than that of using a smartphone.

ii. A tab is a better performance gadget in terms of productivity, speed, and space. Smartphones offer somewhat conservative storage space whereas tabs come with more space and better performance.

iii. A tab also outdoes a phone in a way that it can be easily used for official duties like meetings, unlike the smartphone.

In as much as the two gadgets serve the same purpose, the tab has a few more advantages as compared to the smartphone. They include:

a) Better battery life; a tab comes with a bigger battery which makes the tab last longer in terms of battery life than the smartphone. Though either gadget’s battery life will be determined by the usage, a tab generally performs better than a smartphone.

b) Better display; tabs are usually larger and come with bigger screens than phones. This makes it a better option for activities like reading, watching movies, and playing games compared to a smartphone.

c) Lower price; tabs are generally easier and cheaper to make than smartphones. This makes it more affordable for electronic manufacturers to produce in comparison to smartphones which makes the earlier cheaper than the latter.

d) More storage space; though some smartphones have large storage spaces, a tab usually comes with more RAM and ROM than a typical smartphone. This gives the user a better performing gadget with much more space to store files.

e) Productivity; a tab can be easily used for official duties like meetings and conferences whereas a phone cannot.

With all these advantages over a smartphone, it is most definitely prudent to go for a tab now than a smartphone.

As stated earlier, a tablet is generally a cheaper gadget than a smartphone. The price of a tab may range between Php10,000.00 to Php35,000.00 whereas a smartphone with similar features may cost between Php20,000.00 to Php50,000.00.

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