10 Best Tough iPhone Cases (Hard-Case) Philippines 2018

A tough or rugged iPhone case is a phone casing that’s designed to withstand knocks, drop downs, or harsh conditions.

Many of the rugged hard-case designs feature a layered construction with a silicone slip cover and/or polycarbonate shell. A typical iPhone hard-case will include cut-outs for the speaker, camera, ports and Touch ID. Some rugged iPhone hard-cases come with raised and heavily reinforced corners while others feature smooth corner finishing for added comfort.

Why should you buy a tough or rugged (Hard-Case) iPhone case

The main function of a rugged or tough iPhone hard-case is to provide protection against the shock of any impact. This type of case can protect a phone’s screen from cracking or scratching when the phone drops down. It also provides resistance against exposure to water and/or moisture. That means you can engage in paddle boarding or any other water adventures without worrying about your phone. Moreover, most tough iPhone hard-cases come with port covers that help keep out dirt and dust. And to ensure the user enjoys even greater comfort when using the iPhone case, the latest models are designed with an aesthetic look and feel.

Buying a tough or rugged case will help you protect your phone against scratching, cracking or damage caused by exposure to water. Preventing all these damages will allow you to save money that you’d have otherwise incurred on repairs or purchasing a new phone altogether. Buying a tougher iPhone case will guarantee you extended use of your phone, minimal budget on the phone, and peace of mind walking around.

Owning an iPhone hard-case today can come with many advantages. One of the main advantages is that you’ll find a solution to the risk of damage for your phone once and for all. Purchasing it today will minimize your future budget on the phone with regard to damage repairs. Better buy your favorite rugged or tough iPhone hard-case now when you have the money. Who knows about tomorrow? Maybe you wouldn’t have the money to purchase it then or the price of the iPhone hard-case might have changed.

The price of a rugged iPhone hard-case will largely depend on its design, material and the level of protection it can provide to your phone. However, market reviews reveal that you can acquire one with as low as Php1,000 and as high as Php5,000 or even more. Before purchasing your favorite iPhone hard-case, it’s important that you go through online reviews to identify one that can offer your phone the ultimate protection. This will ensure you buy a tougher phone case that will guarantee you value for money.

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