10 Best Waterproof Cameras Philippines 2018

A waterproof camera is a device used primarily for underwater photography. Waterproof cameras function in the same manner as traditional cameras, but with the added feature of taking underwater photos.

Waterproof camera is an all-encompassing term which actually refer to three levels namely, water resistant cameras, water repellant cameras, and waterproof cameras.

1. Water Resistant Camera
A water resistant camera is simply a device that can prevent water from entering it but to only a small degree. Water resistant objects cannot completely prevent water from entering the device. Many modern cameras have some form of water resistance. The typical level of water resistance is minimal; only protecting against light rain and splashes.

2. Water Repellant Cameras
Water repellant cameras are not easily permeated by water. They are made of material that has been treated to repel water.

3. Waterproof Cameras
Waterproof cameras are completely impervious to water at a certain depth. The International Protection Marking (IP Code) is a universal standard used to determine the level of water penetrability of the device. You can find the IP Code rating in the documentation included with the product for details on the level of water penetrability.

Why Should You Buy A Waterproof Camera?

The most common reason you have to purchase a waterproof camera is underwater photography. Family vacations and trips usually encompass visits to recreational water and amusement parks which would clearly prompt the need to purchase a waterproof camera.

Many people enjoy spontaneous candid photos, but would rather not have the risks associated with damaging everyday cameras or mobile phones. Waterproof cameras are also extremely popular with divers who want to capture their adventures.

You may also consider purchasing a waterproof digital camera if you live in or frequently visit places of wet climates. Most traditional cameras can only sustain light rain, so if you live in an area that is particularly rainy or damp, a waterproof camera is more appropriate.

Moreover, if you enjoy taking photos of children or pets, you may want to consider purchasing a waterproof camera. Despite shooting your photos in a dry area, sticky and wet hands can damage traditional cameras.

Waterproof cameras usually come with added features like extra protection against dust and other forms of debris.

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