10 Best Windows Phones Philippines 2018

Windows phones are smartphones that run on mobile operating systems developed by renown tech company Microsoft.

Window phones were first developed in 2010. The operating system is designed to work on smartphones using OS software programme. They were meant to be a replacement to Microsoft’s then Windows Mobile and Zune phones.

Microsoft has upgraded its Windows Phone family over the years. It started out with Windows phone 7 in 2010 and upgraded to Windows phone 8.1 in 2014. It now has Windows phone 10 which was unveiled in 2015.

Why should you buy a Windows smartphone?

Windows phones were made with an intention to provide consumers with smartphones that offer them a more simple yet detailed user experience. Microsoft set out to solve the problems experienced with other mobile operating platforms such as complicated interfaces and less responsive apps. Windows phones came as a solution to these through well structured and inbuilt apps as well as a clear interface for phone users.

Users who don’t buy Windows phones are likely to have a much slower navigation experience and phones with limited functionality. This is because the responsiveness of phone apps determines to a great extent the functionality of a phone.

Microsoft’s Windows phones will offer you the following benefits:

1. Access to Office tools and documents

Because they are owned by Microsoft, Windows phones have the privilege of having Microsoft Office tools in them. Not only this but the Office apps are inbuilt and function just as efficiently as they do in non-mobile Microsoft platforms. With the phones, you will be able to comfortably view Outlook email and create various Office documents.

2. A simplified interface and navigation system

Windows phones allow you to view a summary of your activities on the homescreen. They also allow you to issue various commands in one go. The phones are enabled with a shortcut system which allows you to view various apps without having to navigate through your phone and reach the individual apps.

3. An attractive screen

Windows phones are quite aesthetic. They have elegant tiles, beautiful lettering, and very colorful interfaces.

4. OneDrive

Windows phone customers enjoy the use of OneDrive. This app allows you to store various files, manage photos, edit documents, and also back up a bulk of your phone’s contents.

5. A great camera

Microsoft has made use of Nokia’s engineering prowess to come up with a top camera technology. Windows phones such as Lumia produce very clear and defined photographs. Microsoft and Nokia merged in 2011.

The time to buy Windows phones is right now. Microsoft is at the moment committed to producing flagship phones. It’s doing so in a bid to convince consumers and tap into the phone market which is largely controlled by iOS and Android manufacturers. If you’re going to wait until tomorrow, you may not be able to enjoy the great features that the phones offer at the moment for their design may change. Furthermore, prices of the phones may go up.

The price of Windows phones averagely range from Php5,000.00 to Php50,000.00.

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