10 Best Wireless Earphones / Earbuds Philippines 2018

Wireless earphones are electrical devices worn on ear that can be connected to a smartphone, radio, television, gaming console, or some other electronic sound devices without the need of using a cable.

Wireless earphones work by transmitting audio signals either through radio or IR (infrared) signals. Devices with built-in Bluetooth technology are designed with tiny computer chips containing bluetooth radio and software which makes the connectivity between devices possible without the use of wires.

Wireless earphones work by connecting or pairing it with the device of use. When the devices are in close proximity to each other, they connect or pair enabling you to comfortably answer calls using the earphones instead of the actual paired mobile phone. It also allows you to listen to music without the hassle brought about by the presence of wires.

Connecting of wireless earphones may differ depending on the device you use, but it can be easy once you get used to it.

Why should you buy a wireless earphone?

The freedom wireless earphones provide has made institutions very interested from call centers to fitness centres. Its use has grown exponentially in the hands of people either in work or in play. With wireless earphones, it is quite a relief where there will be no more messing out with wires that get tangled or caught which may result to being stripped or cut. Moreover, below are more of the things you can enjoy with the use of wireless earphones:

– You can easily play or pause music being played without actually touching your phone.
– You can adjust the volume with some simple button presses on your wireless earphones.
– Wireless earphones can be convenient for gamers since it frees them to move around without having to worry about a wire or cord. Due to less physical contact with the earphones, they tend to stay longer.
– From individuals who often work out in gyms to individuals who would simply want a comfortable watching of late-night TV shows, without disturbing others, will certainly love the freedom wireless earphones offer.
– Wireless earphones are also perfect for people who often make online conversations or interviews.
– Distant operation with the use of wireless earphones offer a convenient way to eliminate the hassle of handling connected devices. Transmission signals with Bluetooth powered earphones can flexibly travel through walls and furniture.
– Some wireless earphones can greatly reduce loud distractions from your environment enabling you to focus. A relaxing solution to maximize the comfort of listening to your music, conversation, or even while travelling.
– It makes it easy for you to answer calls when driving. You don’t have to be distracted trying to operate your phone while putting your concentration on the road.

When using regular wired earphones, with all the cords necessary to connect to a device, you’ll surely have to keep buying new earphones every time the cord gets broken and it could be at a time when you needed it most which is something you cannot tell. Just think of the number of times you purchased earphones? Because of this, there were times where you just settle with poor sound quality and sadly bear its use even when one side is very unclear or something that keeps turning on and off.

Reliability is something you will enjoy with the wireless earphone that can give you the durability and longevity you’ve been looking for. Owning a wireless earphone, you will have less clutter with more convenience. They are actually proving to be more favorable in comparison with wired earphone alternatives.

The prices normally vary depending on the brand and manufacturer. It can cost as low as Php850 to as high as Php20,000.

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